When To Use Helical Piers For Foundation Repair

foundationrepairAre you wondering on when to use helical piers in your house foundation? Well, there are a couple of things in your house that indicate faulty foundation and ones that should signify the need for helical piers. Note that the foundation of your house plays the principal role of supporting the entire house. This means that any deflection or effect on the foundation will certainly affect the other parts of the house.

Actually, it is recommended that you install helical piers when constructing your house. This will save you the hustle of installing the same in an existing foundation. There are many capable companies such as Piertech that are capable of repairing the foundation.

If you have already built your house without helical piers, then here are signs for immediate foundation repair:

Develop Spaces On The Door/Window Trim
This is actually the main sign which show that there is a problem with the foundation. It is important to note that when a crack or fault develops on the foundation, a movement is made not only in the affected point but in the entire house as well. In most cases, minimal movement in your house affects the joints along the opening points.

Consequently, you will realize that spaces are developing on the doors and windows any time the foundation is not in the right condition. The spaces may widen with time and can eventually worsen. If this is the case, it will be best to have helical piers installed in your foundation to prevent further damage.

Uneven Floor
If your floor is made of concrete, then any effect on the foundation will be passed to the surface. You will therefore notice some cracks developing on the floor from different corners. You may also notice that your floor is getting uneven. The flat surface may start becoming rough over time. If this is noticed, then you should quickly install helical piers. This is because the floor may get ruined over time and it will cost you a great fortune to have it repaired.

Network Cabling Services


Category 5e cable (Cat5e) refers to a twisted pair cable that is designed to carry signals that enable computer networking like Ethernet. The main types of signals for which it is made are Fast Ethernet (100 BASE-TX and 10 BASE-T) and Gigabit Ethernet (100 BASE-T) but it can also carry video and telephony signals.

Cat5e is optimized for a speed of up to 100MHz. This type of structured cabling is a common commodity and the wiring can be fitted by professionals from a network cabling services company.

It is an enhanced version of Cat5 that has the same bandwidth, with a slight improvement in its crosstalk specifications. Its color ranges include green, blue, brown and orange, all insulated using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH).

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when looking for the right network cabling services company to install office wiring. Some of the key elements include experience, client portfolio, customer support, past track records as well as their local availability.

The unreliability of some of the institutions that provide network cabling services has led smaller businesses to prefer fixing their own wiring requirements. This is a high risk to take as it has many disadvantages as compared to seeking professional assistance.

A few companies have qualified technicians who can offer effective network cabling services and some of the benefits of contracting their expertise comprises;
¼ Apposite installation Professionals have in-depth skills of the correct procedures, precautions and equipments to be used for installation. They also know exactly what is to be done to achieve intended results. Using them will ensure the wiring is fixed properly.
¼ Upgrade and Maintenance Using known contractors for installations will help maintain the wiring at ultimate working conditions. It will also be cheaper to upgrade and repair the system after you establish a good relationship with them.
¼ Assessment Professional technicians carry out assessment tests to ensure all the wires work perfectly before commencing installation. This prevents having to disconnect and redo the installation.
It is therefore advisable to involve professionals in order to enjoy undisrupted network cabling services that can be trusted to meet the specifications of your working conditions.